-Easy ways for our body…..

hello my frens..cara detox to feel more cleanse, revitalise, energise, relaxed..feeling refreshed..and give our body and mind a thorough spring-clean..sgt2 mudah2 antara yes or no..hehehe..antara2 nye ialah..

  1. water, water, water – drinks 1.5 litres of filtered or bottled water everyday..mmg perlu
  2. reduce the caffeine – to  one cup per day for a whole month and then cut out caffeine al together.,tuk sape2 yg suke tea dan kopi..huahuahua
  3. wakeup call – turn the shower to cold for 30 seconds every morning..cold shower leaves you feeling warm..invigorated and awake..bgus mandi sblm subuh k..
  4. make with the veggies – eat at least 5 servings of fresh vegetables everyday..sayur paling xcukup mkn kn..hehehe
  5. fruity, fruity – eat at least 3 servings of fruit everyday..kene beli kt mydin le buah2..hahaha..
  6. change negative to positive – if something bad happens turn it into something good..
  7. take a risk – challenge your comfort zone and see how brilliant you feel once you have achieved..touch a cat tuk zhiexi or frog..hahaha..do a bungee jump kt tngki air tu ke..
  8. trying new thing – do something you have never done before..
  9. yell loudly – you know how when feel tense or stressed you just want to shout or hit something or someone!!ooppss..or yelping like tarzan..ya..ahahahaha..aaaaa!!!!
  10. pretty in pink – wear a color you have never worn before and see how it make you feel..tuk org jauh ok ni..haha..
  11. try something for yourself – dont live your life by other people the whole time..
  12. get some theraphy – go to yoga class, book a pedicure or get a facial or spa or sauna..have reflexology..
  13. get your hair cut – every time we go through a big life change we go and get a haircut ..signifies a new beginning..
  14. breathe !! – give your body to fully benefit from the breath life..

p/s :

what goes around comes around..what you give you get..if you are positive and give out positive energy you will remain positive..

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